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Sometimes life pushes us beyond our limits–presents us with challenges like accidents, illnesses, loss, and big change–that bring us to our knees. Challenges can be catalysts for our evolution and inspire us to new levels of growth. But when our nervous systems get overwhelmed, or stuck in anxiety responses like fight, flight, or freeze, it’s nearly impossible to grow.

So for those places, I’ve created the Trauma Healing Toolkit.


The wisdom and tools in this kit were born from my own journey of healing from trauma. In 1999 I was driving from my home outside of Boulder, CO to a celebration dinner to mark my graduation from masters program (yay!) when my car hit a patch of ice, skidded off the road and flipped (not yay). Although I was not badly injured, emotionally and physiologically, I was a wreck. Going off the road, I thought I was going to die. This thought and the neuro-chemicals that accompanied it, set me up for PTSD and a nervous system-based illness that changed the course of my life.

Luckily, I live in a town where I had great access to healing. I began working with a somatic therapist who had studied with trauma healing pioneer Peter Levine, and over time was able to re-wire my nervous system to its now vibrant state.

I felt so passionate about what I learned that when I was well enough, I dedicated myself to the in-depth study of the nervous system. I studied Somatic Experiencing trauma resolution work, completed an 8-year apprenticeship with energy healers who focus on the nervous system, and practiced mindfulness and the body-centered cultivation of well-being. And where I once scanned for danger out of hypervigilance and fear, I retrained my brain to notice pleasure, aliveness, goodness, and joy. And because our energy follows our attention, this is what I began to feel. Not only did I heal, I transformed.

It wasn’t a quick fix (nothing worth having is), but the somatic path to healing that I took was worth every step. And now, I’m passing my wisdom and gifts on to you.


Whether for you, your loved ones, or those you work with, this book will take the shame and confusion out of trauma, and provide you with powerful tools you can use to release and restore.

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The Trauma Healing Toolkit takes the mystery out of our bodies’ trauma response. And it offers exercises you can start implementing right now to restore safety, reclaim your body’s natural brilliance, and finally feel free.

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These somatic resourcing exercises provide not only hope, but practical, grounded, and effective ways to release the symptoms of trauma and reclaim your life.

 May these tools serve you well.



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