Sacred Facilitation Skills Training

Sacred Facilitation Skills Training:

The Art and Magic of Holding Sacred Space

A 12-Month Mentorship in Boulder, CO 

With Sweigh Emily Spilkin, PhD (cand) + Katie Asmus, MA, LPC, BMP


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The Soul Call:

You may have already heard it—your Soul Call, an unreasonable and irrational invitation to do something for which you feel wholly un-prepared.

We are living in challenging times, when the forces of fear seem to be prevailing over the forces of love. When people are forgetting their true names and where they come from. Where darkness seems to be obscuring the light.

But make no mistake, we were meant to be here. We were designed for this. But we were never meant to do it alone.

The greatest gift we can give to the planet right now is to do what we were built for. Some of us were built to protest, some of us were built to create never before seen forms, and some of us were built to open the gates to the heavens and let the Unseen through.


There is no training to become what you are—a practical mystic, a space holder, an urban shaman, a singer of the unsung songs, a door opener, a transmitter of Unseen forces, a rememberer of great truths, a portal to the mystery. Your life is the training.

Still, there are the practicals to attend to and master—like what are the mechanics of holding sacred space? How do you call on the Unseen forces in a way that honors them and you? What are the signs and signals that the Divine is present? How do you know what to listen to when there is no instruction manual? How can you learn to use your power as a leader so that it can be of the greatest service? How do you create safety in a group container? And how do you honor the care and feeding of your own nervous system and way of working while opening the door to others?

For those who have heard the call to hold sacred space and want to dive deeper, we are offering this: Sacred Facilitation Skills Training: The Art and Magic of Holding Sacred Space.

What You Get:

  • 12 Sacred Facilitation training daysMandala
  • Experiential practices and meditations to support you between sessions
  • Practice partners to help you integrate what you are learning
  • A tribe of like-minded Souls
  • Mentorship in bringing your particular gifts into the world

Topics Include:

  • Honing Your Intuition—how to read energy, clearing blocks to perception, connecting with guidance, understanding your healer’s archetype
  • Creating Sacred Space—discovering your allies, calling in the directions, prayer, developing a relationship with the Unseen world, creating the energetic container
  • Energetic Hygiene and Empath Skills—clearing techniques, creating personal healing rituals to keep our space clear, cloaking and energetic protections
  • Right Use of Power—understanding sacred power, facilitating group dynamics, handing over what belongs to the Divine, balancing group and individual needs
  • Individual and Group Tracking and Mirroring—becoming proficient in the different tracking channels (kinesthetic, imaginal, energetic, story, etc.), reading and attending to a group field. 
  • Facilitation Skills and Body-Centered Leadership—how to lead from an embodied place
  • Ceremonial Design—understanding when and how to create ceremony, elements of ceremony, adapting ceremony to fit the group intention
  • Specific Exercises and Interventions—nature-based, somatic, and creative arts inspired exercises for sacred facilitation
  • Curriculum Design and Implementation
  • Personalizing the Sacred—the care and feeding of your Medicine
  • Graduation

Who This Training is For:

You if:

  • You are called to offer sacred group work
  • You sense that your presence is a healing force and want to learn more about how to work with it
  • You are drawn to accessing the inner realms
  • You are hungry for grounded, practical support to grow your capacities as a space holder
  • You consider yourself an outside of the box healer or therapist
  • You are hungry to grow your relationship with the Unseen World
  • You are already working with groups and want to refine your skills and ability to “bridge heaven and earth” and bring the sacred into the mundane
  • You are drawn to ceremony and would like to incorporate it into your work in the world
  • You have a deep desire to trust yourself and your gifts and to feel the rightness that comes with feeling well-used
  • You are courageous—willing to go into the darkness of not-knowing and to receive your instructions from the mystery
  • You’ve resonated with much of the language here and have a sense (even though you don’t quite know why yet) that this training is for you
  • You’ve heard a Soul Call

Program Dates and Times:

10-6     Wednesday     1/20/2016
10-6     Wednesday     2/24/2016
10-6     Wednesday     3/23/2016
10-6     Wednesday     4/6/2016
10-6     Wednesday     5/18/2016
10-6     Wednesday     6/15/2016
10-6     Wednesday     7/13/2016
10-6     Wednesday     8/17/2016
10-6     Wednesday     9/21/2016
10-6     Wednesday     10/19/2016
10-6     Wednesday     11/16/2016
10-6     Wednesday     12/14/2016

Program Location:

The Solstice Center, located at 302 Pearl Street in Boulder


Emilyheadshot“Sacred Facilitation Skills is a sophisticated program that helped me learn to stay in embodied connection with myself while simultaneously leading in the context of a group field (no small feat as I was a previously unbounded empath!)  Katie and Sweigh are masterful space holders, and between them, it seems there’s no scenario they haven’t already encountered! What stands out to me, aside from an engaging and well-designed curriculum, is the balance of practical and profound, mundane and magic. There is as much weight paid to the everyday logistics of curriculum design, orientation, time-keeping, etc. as there is to discerning the language of intuition and calling in ceremonial space. It’s been a life-changing experience for me and I’m so grateful that they came up with this unique, much needed training!”

Emily Oba Waldeck

Melody-2“Sacred Facilitation Skills is packed with indispensable leadership skills, and practical tools to support students in offering their sacred work to their communities. But perhaps even more importantly, the course is infused with the richness of Katie and Sweigh’s cumulative wisdom and experience as facilitators themselves. For me, the skill and magic with which Katie and Sweigh teach was the most valuable aspect of the course. Here are two women who have stepped forward with a whole-hearted YES to the sacred service they are each being called to do. Their combined wealth of experience allows them to guide their students with precision, grace, and love. As a woman stepping into my own power as a healer, I could not have dreamed up a duo better-suited to guide me in claiming my skills as a teacher, leader, and facilitator of sacred work with others. I highly recommend this course.”

 -Melody Mischke Anno, CAP, RYT
Resonance Holistic Health
Ayurveda, Yoga, & Soul Coaching

“The skills cultivated in this class have been pivotal to my profound professional and personal development this year. Katie and Sweigh created a a safe and loving container for each of us to learn critical, sacred skills not taught anywhere else. The training allowed for the unfolding of our unique gifts, deepened our friendships, and ripened our contributions to the community and the planet. I am deeply grateful!”

-Toni Marinkovich, MA

Early Registration (through January 4th):

Program Cost: $2195
Deposit: $400
Remaining Balance: $1795

We offer 2 payment plan options for the remaining balance. The following payment plans are available and include an additional fee:


Regular Registration:

Program Cost: $2395
Deposit: $400
Remaining Balance: $1995

We offer 2 payment plan options for the remaining balance.  The following payment plans are available and include an additional fee:


**Continuing education and supervision toward licensure available**

Who We Are:

Sweigh Emily Spilkin, MA, CHT, PhD (cand.) is a Soul Guide, a Threshold Healer, and an Alchemist. Sweigh is passionate about helping people transform challenge into soul-centered growth. She is the founder of Thresholds Healing, through which she offers Body-Centered Psychotherapy, Somatic Soul Retrieval, and workshops and classes for therapists, healers, and other individuals ready to cross the threshold into the full embodiment of who they really are. Sweigh’s training includes certification in Hakomi Body Centered Psychotherapy, advanced training in Peter Levine’s Somatic Experiencing trauma resolution, training in Animas Valley’s Soul-Centered work in nature, certification as a Qigong healing practitioner from the Body Energy Center’s 4-year program, and a traditional, 6-year apprenticeship in a Sacred Energy Mystery School. Sweigh is currently working on her PhD in Somatic Psychology at the Santa Barbara Graduate Institute and is doing research in the field of Post Traumatic Growth. She can be found on the web at

Katie Asmus, MA, LPC, BMP describes her soul’s work as bringing forth the innate wisdom within every-BODY, and opening people’s minds and hearts to greater possibilities. Founder of Namaste Healing Arts, Katie practices as a somatic and wilderness psychotherapist, life coach, educator, mentor, workshop facilitator, and wilderness quest guide. She is a deeply committed lover of life, people, self-actualization, and the more-than-human world.  Katie has been teaching and facilitating educational and transformative group experiences for more than 30 years. She teaches graduate students at Naropa and Prescott College, and teaches internationally in the areas of Somatic Trauma work, Wilderness Therapy and Expressive Arts therapies. Katie is constantly in awe of the strength of the human spirit and the inherent wisdom of our body-minds.

Sweigh and Katie have been teaching together for 11 years.