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Thresholds Coaching and Ceremonial Design: Reclaim

You can feel the future calling, but something is holding you back. You feel stuck. Or anxious. Or frozen. You want to believe that it is possible to move forward. Sometimes you get glimpses. But fear, doubt, self-blame, physical illness, or past memories keep you chained. You long to speak your truth, feel fully at home in your body and on the planet, live from a place of aliveness, trust your intuition, and offer your gifts to the world. Thresholds coaching and ceremonial design can help you shift from struggle to the embodiment of who you are.

What’s a ceremony?

A ceremony is a way to come into alignment with the deeper truth of our lives and the support from the unseen world. It is a way to mark something big—something you are ready to let go of (the habit of ignoring your own needs, or an attachment to suffering, for example), or something you are ready to commit to (trust in the unknown, self-love, etc.). We can’t really ever completely plan a ceremony. Instead we must learn to listen to the truth that’s wanting to come through.

It’s not our ordinary mind that decides what needs to happen in ceremony but our soul. And in order to know what kind of ceremony will most benefit our lives we need to listen to the language of the soul—synchronicities, recurring themes, dreams, images, encounters with nature, and other hints that tend to travel under our radar.


The benefits of doing a ceremony include:

•    Letting go of ties to the past which have been weighing you down
•    Setting in motion something big that can not be undone
•    A deep connection to the members of your community that witnessed you
•    An increased relationship with the unseen world
•    A deep sense of belonging (to yourself, your community, and the world)
•    A palpable sense of your own power
•    Initiation by the mystery into the very thing you need the most (self-love, support, surrender, etc.)
•    More joy, love, forgiveness, gratitude, and goodness
•    The freedom to move forward with your life


What Thresholds Coaching and Ceremonial Design looks like:

Thresholds coaching and ceremonial design is a five-session program tailored to help you design and implement a personal ceremony in support of moving forward with your life.

Pre-session support: I’ll send you a detailed pre-session questionnaire so that you can begin to notice what the deeper stream of your life is telling you before we even begin (hint: it’s not what you think).

Session 1, Intention: During this session we track for themes, dreams, symbols, synchronicities, old vows ready to release, places where you are stuck, invitations from your soul, magic, mystery, and longings. I listen deeply to the story beneath your story and help you to get a glimpse of what the ceremony will look like.

Session 2, Severance: In this session, we begin to move into the design of the ceremony itself. Here I’ll support you on getting clear about your commitment, deciding where the ceremony wants to take place, what it will look like, and who, if anyone, will be there with you. We’ll work through any shadow material that arises from making a commitment like this so that you can be really present and available for the ceremony itself.

Session 3, Threshold: This is the ceremony itself. If you are local I can help to facilitate the ceremony. This might look like helping to set the context of the ceremony for the group (if you have one), conducting the flow of events, helping you stay present to receive the blessings of the ceremony, etc. If you are not local, arrangements can be made for me to fly out to you to support you in this way.

Session 4, Debriefing: During the week after the session we will debrief your experience—noting your impressions, emotions, thoughts, images, etc. We’ll also work with any shadow backlash that can arise post ceremony (i.e.,“What have I done?!”), spend some time honoring the gifts you received, and begin the integration process.

Session 5, Integration: Two weeks after the ceremony, we’ll do a deep, somatic integration session so that you can track and harvest your learnings, take in the nourishment, get comfortable in the unknown, anchor your new experience in your body (the key to making it real), and make an action plan to help you step forward into your life.

Follow up coaching sessions and packages are available to support you in bringing what occurred in your ceremony into full fruition in your life.

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