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Riding the Waves of Change

As I’m writing this, it’s mid-November, 2017. I am sitting on a plane at 30,000 feet on my way to San Francisco. My entire life is about to change.

As most of you know, I am moving. The guidance that led me here was undeniably clear. My heart swells with joy every time I am on the Northern California coast.

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Are You Making Yourself Wrong?

  Most of us who are devoted to transformation have a bad habit—the habit of making ourselves wrong instead of right. We come by it innocently enough. It isn’t born out of laziness, or weakness, or a desire to “self-sabotage” or “upper limit” ourselves, but out of a deep commitment to our own growth. But […]

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Turning to Face the Fire

I have a vulnerable confession: Even though I help healers embody their Sacred Purpose, I have been distracting myself daily from mine.

In many ways, I am precisely on path. I help clients unwind trauma and embody their souls. I lead trainings and ceremonial events for healers that move and inspire me. But what do I really want to be doing, more than anything, in the realm of my Purpose? Writing.

And am I doing it? No.

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