Somatic Psychotherapy and Trauma Healing

Somatic Psychotherapy and Trauma Healing: Unwind

Soma=body, somatic=of the body

The journey through the thresholds of our lives–identity shifts, illness, trauma, loss, and spiritual emergence–is a rite of passage. When you are in its throes, everything else seems to disappear. You can feel disoriented, stuck, and estranged from yourself or your world. Thresholds Somatic Psychotherapy helps you befriend the unknown, regulate your nervous system, reclaim your power, and embody who you are and what you are here to do.

How Thresholds Somatic Psychotherapy Can Help:

Many of us have a tendency to get anxious, or to numb or freeze when faced with a threshold challenge, and for good reason. Somatic Psychotherapy can help you understand what’s happening physiologically, emotionally, and spiritually, unwind the overwhelm from your body, find your ground, and discover and embody your hidden potential.

Somatic Psychotherapy can assist you to:
•    Be present and compassionate with yourself
•    Regain safety
•    Release trauma from your nervous system and body
•    Shift from overwhelm to a grounded sense of trust
•    Develop and implement healthy boundaries
•    Experience relief from pain, anxiety, and other symptoms
•    Regain fluidity and access to your body’s natural intelligence
•    Re-frame and heal a difficult transition or illness
•    Grieve your losses
•    Transform limiting core beliefs
•    Claim your authentic power
•    Tap into a wide net of energetic, spiritual, and material support
•    Find and embody life force, pleasure, and joy
•    Take up your space in the world
•    Step into the next level of your spiritual evolution
•    Become more vital, empowered, and whole


Who I work with:

Threshold Walkers: individuals emerging from illness, trauma, loss, spiritual crisis, or other challenges who are ready to take the warrior’s path to wholeness.

Shapeshifters: spiritually sensitive folks who sometimes feel overwhelmed by the world and long to find and embody their unique way of belonging.

Incarnating Visionaries: people who are birthing themselves and are ready to unwind the imprints of their past experiences (birth, lineage, trauma, etc.) so that they can offer who they are to the world.

Emerging Priestesses: women who are ready to claim their power, face their demons, stretch their capacity, open their hearts, and surf the full range of their emotions without shutting down or being overwhelmed by them.

Warriors on the Path: men who have disconnected from some aspect of their authenticity, sensitivity, or true power but long to bring their full potential in service to the planet, their relationships, and their lives.



•Threshold Challenges: chronic illness, loss, spiritual emergence, trauma, identity shifts, etc.

 Somatic Experiencing® Trauma Resolution: reestablishing safety in and with the body, regaining choice, moving from freeze to freedom, resolving anxiety, developing emotional mastery, somatic soul retrieval (reclaiming the lost parts of yourself)

• Emotional Mastery: mindfulness skills to turn towards your experience instead of collapsing or dissociating from it, increasing your capacity to allow the full range of your emotions, healthy inner parenting and self-attachment work

• Energetic Healing: reestablishing energetic boundaries, clearing foreign energies from your system, healing energy blockages and restoring natural flow, opening energetic pathways to embrace more of who you are, healing head injuries, balancing the nervous system, transforming pain and other physical symptoms

•Spiritual Integration: healing your relationship with the divine, shifting from a child-like relationship with the unseen to a co-creative adult relationship, creating psychological and spiritual integration, shadow work, embodied spirituality

• Self-Mastery: claiming your power, developing healthy boundaries, discovering and embodying your purpose, finding your voice, taking up your space in your life and your world, coming into relationship with the unseen world, developing a healthy sense of both surrender and will

• Conscious Relationships: healthy boundaries, courageous emotional and physical intimacy, creating community, developing radical authenticity, healing the past so that you don’t carry it forward into your relationships, somatic tools for working with triggers

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My training:

Somatic Experiencing®:

Somatic Experiencing® (SE), developed by Peter Levine, is an elegant form of gentle Trauma Resolution. Unlike other forms of trauma healing, SE works with the understanding that you do not have to suffer in order to heal. With Somatic Experiencing® (SE) your body and your nervous system are our guides. When we experience overwhelming circumstances (car accidents, illnesses, falls, assaults, surgeries, relational trauma, etc.), our bodies often don’t have the time or freedom to complete basic physiological responses. While our body may have wanted to run, to fight, or to move in a certain way to protect us during the trauma, we might not have had the opportunity (or it may not have been safe) to do so. Energy that gets mobilized to move us in a certain way often gets stuck in our bodies and in our psyches as well. This can lead to a whole host of symptoms including anxiety, sleep disturbances, anger and irritability, depression, muscle aches and pains, and even more serious disorders such as fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. With Somatic Experiencing® I help my clients to locate, explore, and with support gently release or discharge the stuck energy so that it can stop showing up as symptoms. The bottom line is that you feel and function better.


Developed by Ron Kurtz, Hakomi body-centered psychotherapy is a compassionate, gentle, and effective approach to psychotherapy. Hakomi is based on the principals of non-violence (honoring the way your system is organized), mind-body-spirit holism (honoring all of who you are), organicity (trusting that your system has a natural intelligence), unity (utilizing a transpersonal, soul-centered perspective), and mindfulness (utilizing present moment, sensation-based awareness to support change). Hakomi is particularly helpful for those who are in a threshold challenge, as it helps to shift the unconscious patterns that limit our transformation.

The Psychology of Symptoms:

We all have numerous selves, or sub-personalities living inside of us. There’s the Pusher, the Critic, the Wild Child, the Caretaker, the Warrior, the Lover and many, many others. When these selves begin to run us unconsciously, or when we push them under the surface of our psyches into the shadow realms, they can show up as symptoms and reek havoc on our lives. Based on Hal and Sidra Stone’s Voice Dialogue, the Psychology of Symptoms work (developed and taught by Douglas Brady) helps the client unleash the energetic healing potential bound up in symptoms and disowned shadow selves.

Additional Training

In addition to these somatic psychotherapies, over the last fifteen years I have immersed myself in soul-centered work in nature, spiritual mystery school training, transformational coaching, grounded energy work (Nervous System Energy Work, Intuitive Coaching, and Qigong), movement-based rites of passage work (with Melissa Michaels), nature-based soulwork, and ceremonial design. I integrate all of these gifts in service to my clients, the planet, and my path.

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