Somatic Soul Retrieval

Somatic Soul Retrieval: Come Home

Sometimes the reason why we have difficulty finding our voice, acting on our truth, or moving forward in our lives is that an essential part of ourselves is literally stuck in the vortex of past trauma. Illness, accidents, difficult relationships, emotional turmoil, challenging sexual experiences, heartbreak, loss, even past life experiences—all of these situations can cause a “soul fragmentation” in which a part of us splits off. When this happens we can feel disconnected from ourselves, from others, or from our spiritual source. We may experience grief, depression, illness, meaninglessness, isolation, or a sense of loss, each of which can range from subtle to obvious.


What does a Somatic Soul Retrieval Session look like?

Sessions take place in person or by phone or Skype.

During a Somatic Soul Retrieval session I draw on my background in somatic (body-centered) psychology and in the subtle realm skills of energy reading, intuitive tracking, and contact with the unseen world to help you come into an embodied relationship with your own soul. Together we will track the places where you’ve split off from yourself and with awareness, presence, and gentle guidance, invite those places to reintegrate into your body and life.

This process may involve renegotiating outdated beliefs, clearing past agreements, healing past trauma (via Somatic Experiencing®), or inviting the parts of you that have been living in other dimensions of reality to integrate into your body and come home. Or it might involve a more traditional shamanic soul retrieval in which I help to energetically call back the aspect of you that has split off.

Though powerful, the work is gentle. Nothing happens without your explicit permission. It’s less about me “doing something to you” and more about you coming into an empowered relationship with your own energy. This work is not “religious” in nature, and all spiritual beliefs are welcome. I am open to many paths and never impose my beliefs onto you.

What to expect from this work:

•    Access to your deepest gifts and the capacity to bring them forward
•    Knowing who you are and what you are here to do on the planet
•    Increased self-love
•    Deep aliveness in your body
•    A palpable sense of your own power
•    Tenderness towards all the parts of yourself
•    Access to your sexual energy and creativity
•    The capacity to know what you want and what you don’t
•    The ability to set boundaries
•    Freedom from the obstacles that have kept you from moving forward
•    A greater capacity to be yourself in relationships, set boundaries,  ask for what you want, and get it
•    The power to unapologetically own your anger, your joy, your grief, your desire, your sexuality, your creativity, and your   wildness
•    A deep, integrated relationship with your spirituality


Who I work with:

Threshold Walkers: individuals emerging from illness, trauma, loss, spiritual crisis, or other challenges who are ready to take the warrior’s path to wholeness.

Shapeshifters: spiritually sensitive folks who sometimes feel overwhelmed by the world and long to find and embody their unique way of belonging.

Incarnating Visionaries: people who are birthing themselves and are ready to unwind the imprints of their past experiences (birth, lineage, trauma, etc.) so that they can offer who they are to the world.

Emerging Priestesses: women who are ready to claim their power, face their demons, stretch their capacity, open their hearts, and surf the full range of their emotions without shutting down or being overwhelmed by them.

Warriors on the Path: men who have disconnected from some aspect of their authenticity, sensitivity, or true power but long to bring their full potential in service to the planet, their relationships, and their lives.

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