Opening to the Divine Program

Opening to the Divine:

30 Days of Meditation

A Virtual Healing Sanctuary to Help You Remember Who You Really Are

Dear Soul Seeker:

Maybe you’ve noticed it- an acceleration of consciousness, an energetic shift inviting us to dive deeper into who we really are, and to reconnect with our own Divinity.

The time of giving our power away to self-doubt or to other people is over. We have entered the era of the Mystic, the one who connects directly with the Divine.

The Divine, Creation, Source, Spirit, Mystery, your Higher Self—whatever name you want to call it—everything in our lives depends upon it. It’s the fabric of our being. It’s what breaks our hearts open, guides our intuition, opens us to new possibilities, and allows us to bring our Sacred Purpose into the world.

It’s who we truly are.

But most of us ignore our relationship to the Divine. Or feel cut off from it.

Many things get in the way: self doubt, lack of trust, struggles with worthiness, guilt, grief, judgment, upper limits, self-sabotage, fear of losing ourselves, fear of losing love, fear of being powerful, and on and on.

Luckily, there are pathways back. But we can’t think our way there.

Opening to the Divine is a bodily act of surrender. It takes practice, commitment, and grace, and the support of others committed to high vibrational living.

Enter Opening to the Divine: 30 Days of Meditation.

Ready to Surrender to the Divine?

Who this Program is for:

You, if you:

  • Long to deepen your connection to the Divine
  • Want more grounding and centeredness to help you ride the waves of life
  • Are hungry to access your intuition
  • Long to trust yourself
  • Are ready to bring your essence into the world
  • Love to “drop-in” but have a hard time facilitating this for yourself
  • Experience emptiness, disconnection, a lack of inspiration, or a sense of Divine homesickness
  • Long for a tribe of like-minded, high vibrational beings
  • Feel the desire to be held in an energetic container that supports your growth

What You Will Get:

  • Daily, 30-minute, guided meditations designed to help you connect with the Divine
  • A inspired workbook full of poetry, wisdom tools, and magic
  • Mp3 recordings of each meditation, which you can listen to again and again
  • A high vibration, energetic container held for you
  • Deep, soul-level clearings of the blocks that keep you from being yourself
  • The opening of your intuition
  • Healing of your relationship with the Divine
  • Practices designed to support you in opening to receive more grace

Truly, what you get is up to you. I’d be doing you a disservice if I promised you’d become enlightened, or that all your problems would be solved. I can say, without a shadow of a doubt, that opening to the Divine is its own reward.

When we are in alignment with what is holy, miracles can happen. When we are not, we can feel a deep grief or emptiness that fuels everything we do.

Ready to Open?


The program runs for 30 days and is pre-recorded. You can listen to the recordings at any time during your day that is convenient for you.

Each week we will focus on a different topic:

Week 1: Connecting to the Divine

  • Grounding
  • Connecting to the Divine through the physical body
  • Quieting the noise
  • Opening our hearts
  • Clearing what’s in the way of perceiving energy
  • Claiming our energetic space
  • Letting go of effort

Week 2: Clearing what’s in the way

  • Healing incarnational issues: the perceived split with God
  • Calling the split-off parts of us back home
  • Honoring and clearing anger at the Divine
  • Letting go of others’ energy
  • Growing up our relationship with the Divine: taking our power back from the old image of God and opening to what’s truly there
  • Healing worthiness issues
  • Practicing love, devotion, and gratitude

Week 3: Opening/Surrendering to the Divine

  • Practicing trust
  • Letting go of effort
  • Letting the Divine take the wheel
  • Letting go of tension, pain, self-doubt, and control
  • Allowing
  • Letting go of our upper limits on receiving
  • Tolerating grace

Week 4: Receiving Grace

  • Opening to guidance
  • Opening to goodness
  • Basking in grace
  • Accessing the Realm of Possibility, the place of miracles
  • Direct communion with the Divine
  • Prayer: Yes, thank you, more please
  • Setting our intentions for the Holy-days
  • Celebrating ourselves—seeing ourselves through the eyes of the Divine

Ready to Dive In?


Jodycrop“This is so much more than 30 days of meditating. It truly is a healing path. You aren’t just passively sitting in silence hoping for something to occur, you are moving the barriers – one by one – that are preventing you from allowing Divinity to connect with you. It’s like the yellow brick road to the Emerald City of Source. It really will take you where you want to go.

Opening to the Divine was like a gentle reunion with a long lost lover. Alternately painful, beautiful, and oh, so rewarding. I can’t recommend this course enough. This should be top of your list for any work you do this year!” – Jody England, Wild Soul Medicine Woman


“Sweigh is uniquely BRILLIANT at leading people to a deeper and profound relationship with the “Divine” – regardless of one’s background or personal definition of what that means. I’ve been spiritually attuned since day one on this planet, yet through Sweigh’s guidance I’ve experienced powerful shifts – ones I couldn’t even expect – in how I relate with and access my own divinity. It affects everything in my life: how I show up, what I prioritize, how easefully I manifest, and most importantly how I embody and honor my own unique and powerful Self. You MUST experience the gifts this woman can bring into your own journey with the Divine.” – Krista Barbour, Authentic Leadership Coach


“Opening to the Divine shifted my understanding of how to communicate with and deepen into my relationship with Source. This program healed a deep, subconscious question that I didn’t even realize I was asking myself: Why did the Divine abandon me in moments of crisis in my life? We went through a beautiful exercise of releasing our anger in one of our meditations and then wrote a letter to and from the Divine. What followed was the miracle – I felt the healing answer come back to me, evidence of how the Divine did NOT abandon me, and in fact, was right by my side throughout each of my challenges. What a beautiful and powerful gift!” – Vivienne Bross, Energy/Life Coach

Ready to Surrender to the Divine?

The Roots of this Program:

Several years ago, I went through a 4-year, dark-night-of-the-soul initiation of chronic physical illness, where I had everything stripped from me—my ability to function, my work in the world, many of my friends, and who I knew myself to be. I was in a free fall of uncertainty, and when I spiraled all the way down to the bottom what was left was the Divine.

It was that relationship that sustained me.

In recent years, in my work as a healer, somatic psychotherapist, guide, and teacher, I’ve come to learn an essential lesson that’s made all the difference in my life: when “I” try and heal anyone from my own personal will, I get in trouble. I end up feeling burnt out, exhausted, frustrated, and burdened from having taken on their ”stuff.”

When on the other hand, I partner with the Divine, when I stop doing and start surrendering to that larger force of grace that has the ability and transform everything, miracles occur.

I know that I am here on the planet to bring that grace through. If you are ready to clear what’s in the way of your connection to the Divine and open to miracles, join me.

Ready to Open?


Is this based on a religious belief?
No. I walk a contemporary mystic’s path. I fit into the “spiritual but not religious” box. I believe that the Divine has many names, and that the names we use are less important than our relationship to it.

What if I don’t believe in God?
That’s fine. I don’t “believe” in God either, per se. But I feel it. Surrender to it. Open to it. Trust it. Belief is less important than inner knowing. As I said earlier, we can’t think our way to the Divine. But we can experience our way there. This program is designed to give you a direct experience.

What kind of meditation are you offering?
The meditations I’ll be leading come from my years of experience as an energy healer, somatic therapist, and teacher. I’ve trained in various lineages, including Zen meditation, somatic embodiment practice, devotional meditation, a sacred mystery school lineage, and psychic/clairvoyant schools. I combine all of them in my teaching into a method that includes visualization, felt-sense experience, and direct connection with the Divine.

30 minutes a day seems like a big commitment, I’m not sure I can fit it in.
I know what it’s like to be busy. Chances are, however, that you spend 30 minutes a day on Facebook, surfing the web, watching TV, or on another energetically “leaky” area of your life. Wouldn’t you rather spend that time connecting in with the Divine? Being centered, grounded, and connected does take a little bit of effort and a small time commitment, but in my experience, the results are exponentially worth it.

What if I miss listening to a call one day?
No problem. You can just listen to it the next day. You will get the most out of this program if you do it 30 days in a row, however it is self-paced, so spreading them out a bit works as well.

I have a question about the program, who should I contact?
[email protected]

Ready to Dive In?

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