Nervous System Energy Work

Nervous System Energy Work: Rewire

Something powerful happens when we feel ease, grace, and surrender in our own bodies: we access basic trust again; we feel supported by the ground of being; and we remember who we really are.

The nervous system is the vehicle for consciousness in the human body. Nervous System Energy Work is a hands-on energy modality that helps you regulate, increase embodiment, and expand your nervous system’s capacity for incarnated consciousness.

On one end of the spectrum, Nervous System Energy Work can help you reduce nervous system activation and anxiety, come out of freeze, regulate your parasympathetic and sympathetic systems, and feel grounded, connected, and whole.

On the other end of the spectrum, Nervous System Energy Work can help you inhabit more of yourself, increase your capacity for integrating big experiences in your life (love, joy, anger, grief, paradox, ecstasy, etc.), and invite you to dwell in a direct relationship with a part of you that is inaccessible through the cognitive mind alone: your divine potential.


What it looks like:

The work takes place on a massage table in my Boulder office with the client fully clothed.  After we check in, I’ll place my hands on your body and “match” the tone of your nervous system with my hands so that your nerve pathways can relax. Once we are “in sync” I’ll help to regulate, release, remind, encourage, feed, and integrate your nervous system. The work might also help you ground or fully descend into your body. Or help you to renegotiate an old “contract” that no longer fits. Or help you unwind trauma. Or lift a stubborn trauma pattern from your system. Or help to initiate you into the next stage or your development. Or midwife the birth of your creativity. Or shift from focusing on illness and distress to resource and aliveness. My role in this work is to get quiet, listen, and allow what wants to move through.

Nervous System Energy Work is one of the most grounded energy work modalities I’ve experienced. I’m picky: I’m not interested in helping people feel all “blissed out” but dissociated. I believe that now is the time to become as incarnated, grounded, expansive, and alive as possible so that we can bring our gifts into full fruition and do what we are here on this planet to do. Nervous System Energy Work helps to facilitate this process.


Why clients come to me for this work:

•    Trauma
•    Anxiety
•    Difficulty sleeping
•    Fatigue
•    Dissociation and freeze in their nervous systems
•    Disconnection from their own hearts
•    Pain (emotional or physical)
•    Chronic illness
•    Strange energetic patterns that feel uncomfortable
•    Lack of trust
•    A desire for bodily ease
•    Difficulty regulating
•    A desire for more wholeness
•    An impulse to bring a new part of themselves into the world
•    A desire to feel more at home in their own bodies and on the planet
•    Readiness to take up more space in their lives
•    A longing to connect to the divine

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About my training in Nervous System Energy Work:

Developed by Jim Kepner and Carol DeSanto, Nervous System Energy Work is a sophisticated, grounded, and practical approach to energy work that literally grows the nervous system’s capacity to access subtle awareness and higher states of consciousness. I’ve been apprenticing in this work for the past  five years. The training has included seasonal intensives with my teachers, retreats at Esalen, “inner temple” mystery school training, many hours of receiving the work in my own body, and initiations into the next level of my own soul development. This work and the development it has catalyzed in me has been one of the biggest gifts in my life. In fact, it was part of what helped me “re-member” and “return to myself” after my chronic illness and my time in the underworld. I am deeply grateful for this work and honored to offer it to my clients.