Bridging Soma & Soul


Bridging Soma & Soul Trauma Training:

Supporting Wholeness through Nervous System Integration, Trauma Healing, and Bodily Wisdom

A 9-Month Mentorship for Therapists and Healers

Offered by Katie Asmus, MA, LPC, BMP + Sweigh Emily Spilkin, PhD (cand), CHT 

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Bridging Soma & Soul 2017 is currently full and underway. Interested in joining us for 2019? Click on the button below and enter your contact information. We’ll contact you with a special, pre-registration offer as soon as we open the doors :)

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Humanity is changing and psychology is changing with it. The time for pathology-based interventions is over. Talk therapy is not enough. Beyond resiliency even, clients are hungry to embody the full range of who they really are. Our nervous systems and energy bodies are brilliant and know how to evolve on their own when given the right tools and conditions. Unfortunately, trauma creates an energetic vortex that re-routes that brilliance and keeps people stuck in painfully maladaptive patterns. In this 9-month mentorship group we will tap into the brilliance of the brain and nervous system and teach you hands-on tools to help your clients heal, evolve, and thrive.

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What Makes This Mentorship Group Unique

In this 9-month, 140-hour learning laboratory you will deepen your somatic and trauma intervention skills, refine the art of energetic tracking, tap into your body-centered intuition, and perhaps most importantly, find and trust your particular way of working in the world.

This is not about learning a single method, though you will gain practical skills and knowledge from several methods as your facilitators are trained in: Somatic Experiencing, EMDR, Hakomi, Body-Mind Psychotherapy, Voice Dialogue and other Parts Work, Dance-Movement Therapy, Wilderness Work, Matrix Works, Psychodrama, Nervous System Energy Work, Qigong, and more. Bridging Soma & Soul is an opportunity to integrate different schools of learning to bring out your unique gifts.

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Moreover, because this is an embodied learning experience, we’ll provide a balance between process and content. You’ll learn how to trust the moment and work at the edge of the unknown, while simultaneously gaining enough cognitive information and specific techniques to help your mind rest and feel confident in your knowing.

What You Will Gain

  • Confidence in your ability to recognize, work with, and resolve trauma
  • Cutting-edge somatic trauma intervention and prevention skills
  • Physical and energetic tracking expertise (to help you mindfully attune to your clients)
  • The capacity to tap into the wisdom present in your own body as an intuitive guidance system
  • Trust in your unique way of working
  • The knowledge to work with your own energetic boundaries (and to teach your clients to do the same)
  • Relief from burnout — essential tools to help you stay energized, grounded, and connected to yourself while working
  • Heart-centered attachment trauma skills
  • Tools to bridge the brilliance of our animal bodies with our expanded capacities as spiritual beings
  • Post Traumatic Growth skills to help your clients alchemize their challenges and find the hidden gifts and soul-lessons in their experiences
  • Interventions from multiple somatic and energetic training methods and the support to integrate them into your therapeutic style
  • Radical self-care practices to help you tend to your most valuable asset as a therapist (YOU!)

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How We Work

  • Demos
  • Experiential exercises
  • Didactic and cognitive learning
  • Supervised practice opportunities (where we mentor you while you work with a practice client)
  • Embodiment practice
  • Integrated resourcing exercises
  • Reading materials
  • Embodied supervision (where you try on what it’s like to be inside your client’s skin)
  • Videos
  • Individualized guidance
  • And more

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“Everything about this training was unique for me. It was comprehensive and exhaustive in every possible way. The love, knowledge, wisdom, expertise, generosity, availability and open-heartedness of the teachers training was inspiring.

After taking this training I am definitely feeling more empowered, knowledgable and prepared to work with trauma. I now understand all different layers of healing that need to happen for trauma to be fully integrated in the body, mind, heart and spirit. I also appreciated the emphasis in self-care and boundaries that we, as clinicians, need to cultivate in order to make this work sustainable. And loved that this training addressed the spiritual realm and energetics of trauma work, as well.

What I liked the most was the way in which Katie and Sweigh helped us apply the concepts and skills in a practical way. If you want to do trauma work, I highly recommend this training.”

Juana Rincón, MA

“I’m so grateful for this training. I was mildly ambivalent before I went into this.  Wow, what a wise decision is was to move forward with it!  The readings by Van Der Kolk, Levine, and Hanson have changed my life (not to mention the healing presence book!). The demos and the skill, unconditional positive regard, and steady presence of the trainers were invaluable. I feel much more prepared to take on any and every type of client for the rest of my career. I will be revisiting these skills and readings for years to come.

If you are considering enrolling in this training, do it. THIS is where you learn to be a therapist. THESE are the skills you are looking for in a Masters psychotherapy program.”

Gary Howard, Wilderness Therapist

IMG_3774_2“Through this training, I realized that my body is a resource—the more I’m in relationship with my body’s wisdom, the more empathic and attuned I can be with my clients’ body/mind systems. This has made all the difference in my work.”

Heather Pylant, MA, MFT

BPI Networking party-19“As teachers, Sweigh and Katie bring themselves fully to each class. Sweigh brings a deep knowledge of how and why techniques work, while also sharing her intuitive sense. Katie speaks from her heart and you immediately feel cared for in her warmth and compassion.”

Michelle Fox, MA

alison_profile“This training was more embodied and experiential than any other educational experience I have had… I learned with my whole nervous system, my whole being, my whole soul.”

Alison McQueen, MA – Aspenroots Counseling LLC

Who We Are:

Sweigh Emily Spilkin, MA, CHT, PhD (cand.) is a Soul Guide, a Threshold Healer, and an Alchemist. Sweigh is passionate about helping people transform challenge into soul-centered growth. She is the founder of Thresholds Healing, through which she offers Body-Centered Psychotherapy, Somatic Soul Retrieval, and workshops and classes for therapists, healers, and other individuals ready to cross the threshold into the full embodiment of who they really are. Sweigh’s training includes certification in Hakomi Body Centered Psychotherapy, advanced training in Peter Levine’s Somatic Experiencing trauma resolution, training in Animas Valley’s Soul-Centered work in nature, certification as a Qigong healing practitioner from the Body Energy Center’s 4-year program, and a traditional, 6-year apprenticeship in a Sacred Energy Mystery School. Sweigh is currently working on her PhD in Somatic Psychology at the Santa Barbara Graduate Institute and is doing research in the field of Post Traumatic Growth. She can be found on the web at

Katie Asmus, MA, LPC, BMP describes her soul’s work as bringing forth the innate wisdom within every-BODY, and opening people’s minds and hearts to greater possibilities. Founder of Namaste Healing Arts, Katie practices as a somatic and wilderness psychotherapist, life coach, educator, mentor, workshop facilitator, and wilderness quest guide. She is a deeply committed lover of life, people, self-actualization, and the more-than-human world.  Katie has been teaching and facilitating educational and transformative group experiences for more than 30 years. She teaches graduate students at Naropa and Prescott College, and teaches internationally in the areas of Somatic Trauma work, Wilderness Therapy and Expressive Arts therapies. Katie is constantly in awe of the strength of the human spirit and the inherent wisdom of our body-minds.

Sweigh and Katie have been teaching together for 11 years.