Empath Mastery

Empath Mastery: Sacred Tools for Highly Sensitive Healers

A 9-Week Course for Healers (and anyone else) Ready to Claim Their Boundaries, Alchemize their Shadows, and Harness the Power of Their Empathic Gifts

April 4th, 2018 – June 6th, 2018

We are each designed with specific gifts to offer the world; but unfortunately, none of us come with operating manuals. For those of us who want to make a difference our lives become an epic quest to know, honor, and claim our particular way of belonging to the world. For empaths the learning curve can be steep.

Empaths are exquisitely sensitive and their highly-refined nervous systems are designed to be able to conduct powerful energies—such as love, gratitude, compassion, and fierce grace. But unfortunately, they rarely get the opportunity to because most of the time empaths are too bogged down by personal and collective pain.

Empaths have a hard time distinguishing between what is theirs and what isn’t. They tend to carry others’ suffering, feel overwhelmed, have difficulty in relationships and in groups, dissociate from their bodies, and isolate or numb to manage the pain. This can make for a seriously challenging life!

Boundaries are an essential first step for empaths in coming into mastery, but many empaths mistake walls for boundaries, staying stuck in a loop of protection, and running fear-based neural patterns that actually increase their suffering.

If you are an empath and are ready to learn foundational somatic, energetic, and soul-centered practices to help you release suffering and master your gifts, then I invite you to join me in this deep-dive training.

Who am I and why am I teaching this work?

My name is Sweigh Emily Spilkin, and I’m an empath ;). I’m also a highly-skilled somatic psychotherapist with a PhD in Clinical Psychology and thousands and thousands of hours of training as a trauma therapist, energy healer, and soul guide. For the past 11 years I’ve been leading highly-experiential somatic and soul-centered trainings for therapists and healers on how to work with trauma, how to facilitate ritual, and how to know, claim, and embody their sacred purpose.

Although all of the trainings I offer are different, they each share a core mission: to help healers trust themselves and bring their gifts to the world. And the majority of healers that I work with are empaths.

Like many of you, I’ve had my own trial-by-fire initiations (four years of chronic illness, chronic pain, emotional and energetic permeability, and spiritual crisis to name a few). And, like many of you, I learned the hard way how not to run my energy. In addition, over the years I’ve gotten to know hundreds of empaths, have studied their systems, and have become highly attuned to what works and what doesn’t. (And, of course, I am constantly still learning! I do not consider mastery a finish line but a developmental path of continual evolution.)

So what makes this training unique?

What makes this particular training unique is that, like me, it’s a mix of grounded and woo-woo. This work is rooted in psychology, neurobiology, and spirituality.

Over the course of 9 weeks you will learn about the neurobiology of being an empath (and how to shift out of “empathic distress” and into true compassion), how to know what’s yours and what isn’t, energetic boundaries (and why “shielding” doesn’t work), somatic practices for embodiment and energetic sovereignty (how to stay in your body and take up your own space), and how to keep your energy field clear.

You’ll also do your own “empath shadow work” —transforming the vows, identity patterns, and unconscious agreements that are keeping you stuck. And your “empath light work”—learning how to partner with the Divine to ignite your light and activate your empathic gifts.

There’s a lot of content in this course. And a lot of magic.

Who this Course is For: 

You, if You:

– Consider yourself an empath

– Have a strong desire to refine and master your energy

– Feel overwhelmed by other people’s energy or have difficulty in groups

– Find yourself taking emotions and energy from your clients, friends, partners, and loved ones and don’t know how not to

– Are extra sensitive during tragic world events

– Are a new healer who wants to understand your empathic nature and set yourself up for success so that you don’t take on your clients’ energy

– Or a highly-skilled healer who wants to refine their self-care practices to avoid burnout

– Don’t necessarily consider yourself a healer, but are definitely an empath and care about serving this planet and humanity

– Have tried some energetic practices for empaths but find that they aren’t quite enough

– Are resistant to the term “empath” because of the victim dynamics often associated with it

– Are committed to looking at your own shadow

– Are hungry to discover and embody your empathic gifts (examples of empathic gifts include an exquisite capacity to track the collective, a highly-honed “bullshit detector,” powerful truth-telling skills, high-octane intuition, emotional alchemy, the ability to root out shadow and radiate light, and the ability to help others heal physically, emotionally, and spiritually)

– Are ready to do deep, high-level, transformational work

What You Will Receive:

– A greater understanding of how your empathic gifts work

– Tools to help you stay in your body, regulate your nervous system, and stay connected to your own center in the face of others’ energy

– Practices to help you expand your energy field in the face of stress instead of contract it

– The opportunity to excavate and alchemize your empathic shadow so that you can be free of the patterns that no longer serve

– A powerful relationship with your own Inner Healer

– A powerful relationship with your Spiritual Allies

– Potent clearing practices that you can use on a daily basis

– Guided journeys and meditations that you can listen to again and again

– A tribe of like-minded fellow healers and empaths committed to their own inner development

– A powerful and compassionate ceremonial container

– Support and personal guidance from Sweigh

– Lots of love!

– And so much more…

What’s Included in the Program?

Empath Mastery:

9, 90-minute live calls filled with wisdom teachings and transformational exercises for Empath Mastery

3, 90-minute Live Q and A calls where you can receive group coaching and support from Sweigh

Recordings of each call so that you can listen again

Access to a private Facebook Group where you can share, receive support, and build community

Program Fee:

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Or, if you want more support, sign up for:

Empath Mastery + Private Coaching (limited to 8 individuals)

9, 90-minute live calls filled with wisdom teachings and transformational exercises for Empath Mastery

3, 90-minute Live Q and A calls where you can receive group coaching and support from Sweigh

Recordings of each call so that you can listen again

Access to a private Facebook Group where you can share, receive support, and build community

3, 60-minute one-on-one Coaching/Mentorship calls with Sweigh where you can receive personalized support to take the work even deeper

Program Fee:

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Program Content:

Week 1: Understanding Your Nature as an Empath

Introduction and orientation to the course

Framework—the empath evolution

Understanding your nature as an empath

What is an empath?

The history of your empathic development

The neurobiology of being an empath (empathic distress vs. compassion)

Coping strategies empaths typically use (and why they don’t work)

Identifying your empathic traits, challenges, and gifts

Befriending our Inner Critic

Calling on our Inner Healer

Allying with the Unseen world for Magic and Miracles

Week 2: Discernment and Boundaries for Empaths

Discovering what is yours and what isn’t



Hone your senses

Develop your code


Containment boundaries vs. protective boundaries

Under-bounded and over-bounded boundary styles

Right responsibility

Why fear-based boundaries can be a trap

Energetic boundary practices

Week 3: Being in Your Body — Energetic Sovereignty, Embodiment, Nervous System Regulation, and Taking Up Your Space

What is energetic sovereignty and how to practice it

Grounding and embodiment practices

Self-regulation and somatic practices for release and regulation

Energetic hygiene and energy clearing practices for empaths

Somatic Soul Retrieval—Calling ourselves back home

Filling up with the Light

Right use of power for empaths (serving vs. saving)

Week 4: Shadow Work for Empaths

Radical self-honesty: What are the patterns that no longer serve?

The danger of running our gifts through our wounds

Discovering your empath shadow

Identity structures


Unconscious agreements

Energetic habits that no longer work


Week 5: Shadow Work for Empaths cont.

Empath parts work—understanding the motivation behind the patterns

Shadow alchemy and liberation practices—transforming the patterns that no longer serve

Self-designed ceremony to release the old contracts

Re-wiring your energetic habits

Writing the new contract


Week 6: Developing your Spiritual Allies/Becoming the light

Where do we locate the Divine?

Healing our relationship with the Divine

Finding our Spiritual Allies

Decoding the energetic signatures of our Spiritual Allies (guided meditation)

Aligning with Source

Practicing trust

Following our inner guidance—Trust walk practice

Week 7: Light Work: What are your Empathic Gifts?

The power of service

Identifying your particular empathic gifts

Guided meditation into your true nature

Claiming our belonging ceremony

Discovering and embodying your personal myth

Raising our vibration—gratitude practices

Week 8: Light Work cont.—Empathing in Service of the Earth and Humanity

How do empaths serve if we are not carrying the shadow?

Holding center

Holding space


Being the Blessing

Channeling the earth

Helping others to heal

The power of the group field to harness energy and manifest prayers

Guided meditation to learn how your gifts work

Putting your gifts into practice

Week 9: Integration and Completion

Retrospective—harvesting the blessings

Somatic Appreciative Inquiry practice


Areas of continued growth

Personal action plan

Creating practices for integration (daily routine)

Dates for Course Calls:

All times Pacific

Week 1: Wednesday April 4 6-7:30 PM

Q and A 1: Saturday, April 7 9-10:30 AM

Week 2: Wednesday, April 11, 6-7:30 PM
Week 3: Wednesday, April 18, 6-7:30 PM

Q and A 2: Friday, April 20, 3-4:30 PM

Week 4: Wednesday, April 25, 6-7:30 PM
Week 5: Wednesday, May 2, 6-7:30 PM
Week 6: Wednesday, May 16, 6-7:30 PM

Q and A 3: Saturday, May 19, 9-10:30 AM

Week 7: Wednesday, May 23, 6-7:30 PM
Week 8: Wednesday, May 30, 6-7:30 PM
Week 9: Wednesday, June 6, 6-7:30 PM

Ready to dive in?

Empath Mastery

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Empath Mastery + Private Coaching

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Q: What if I can’t make any of calls?
A: No problem. Every call will be recorded, and the course is designed so that you can listen to the recordings at a time that is convenient for you.

Q: What if I can’t make the Q and A sessions?
A: That’s ok too :). Again, these will be recorded. If you have questions you want answered but can’t make a Q and A session, you can submit them to Sweigh in advance and she will answer them live on the calls.

Q: I’m not that technologically savvy, how will the calls work?
A: We’ll be using a platform called “Zoom” for our calls. Zoom is extremely user-friendly and super easy to use (all you need is a link to get started and a computer, tablet, or phone). We will also be sending out a tutorial to make it extra simple. And if you need additional support, the Program Coordinator, Alyssa, will be happy to help.

Q: I don’t consider myself a healer, is this course for me?
A: This course is applicable to all empaths, even those who don’t consider themselves healers. If you’ve read over the “Who this Course is for” section above, and resonate with at least 3 of the bullet points, chances are it’s a good fit.

Q: I’m an advanced practitioner, will this course be too basic for me?
A: The course is designed for beginners and advanced students alike. The material is deep, and in some ways, quite advanced, but the course is designed so that both those new to all things empath and those who have been around the block a few times will get a lot out of it.

Q: I’m a newbie to the empath world, will this course be too advanced for me?
A: Hopefully not! The course is designed for beginners and advanced students alike. It’s designed so that each week builds upon the next. The first few weeks will present foundational material that will provide the building blocks for the rest of the course. There will also be ample time to get your questions answered both at the end of each Weekly session and during the Q and A’s.

Q: I’m not a fan of Facebook, do I have to join the Facebook Group?
A: Absolutely not. The Facebook forum is completely optional.